After Hours End-of-the-Party Snack Truck

It's been an epic party - your guests may still be hungry after dancing all night! Give your guests a goody bag to take home as their party favor (no one needs another fancy bottle stopper)!

The After Hours Snack truck parks outside your catering venue the last hour of your event. As your guests leave, they're greeted by two friendly staff, dressed for the occasion and standing behind velvet ropes around the truck for that VIP touch. Our staff will place all requested food items and beverages into bags for your guests. Don't worry - they'll stay until all your guests leave, so everyone will have a chance to get a goody bag. Our full size snack truck is clean and tidy, regularly detailed, and not part of a daily route. It's only used for private events.

Our Snack Truck makes an excellent after-party experience perfect for Weddings, After-Parties, Engagement Parties, Showers, Sweet Sixteens, Corporate Holiday Parties, Mitzvahs, or park it at the hotel where your guests are staying. Make sure to ask your venue's permission before booking.

Snack Truck Option 1

  • Includes Candy, Chocolate, Chips, Cakes, Brownies, Danish, Muffins, Cookies, Water, Soda, & More!
  • 2 hours of service
On Long Island
50 - 100 people $1,600
100 - 150 people $1,700
150 - 200 people $2,000
200 - 250 people $2,300
250 - 300 people $2,600
350 - 400 people $3,000
350 - 400 people $3,500
400 - 450 people $4,000
450 - 500 people $4,500
500-plus people $5,000
Off Long Island
Queens, NYC, NJ, or CT $500 Addl
After-Party Snack Truck

Snack Truck - Option 1 Menu


Snickers Plain M & M's Milky Way Bars
Hershey Bars Kit Kats Skittles
Sour Patch Kids Gummi Bears Hershey Bar w/ Almonds
Twizzlers Peanut M & M's Dots
Chuckles Reese's Pieces Twix Bars
Pretzel M & M's 3 Musketeers Butterfinger Bars
Nestle Crunch Bars Starburst Red Fish
Reese's Peanut Butter Cups Almond Joy Bars Raisinets

Cakes & Cookies

Muffins Brownies Famous Amos
Linden's Cookies Oreos
Dunkin' Donuts    


Fritos Doritos Potato Chips
Pretzels Cracker Jack Popcorn
Cheese Doodles Cheetos


Coke Diet Coke Pepsi
Ginger Ale Iced Tea Orange
Bottled Water Dr Pepper Root Beer
Sprite Gatorade Yoo-Hoo
Mountain Dew    
$100 Addl charge for Red Bull & Monster energy drinks
$100 Addl charge for coffee, tea & hot chocolate

Snack Truck Option 2

  • Includes everything from Option #1 plus you pick three of the following - McDonald's, Wendy's, Taco Bell, Burger King, White Castle, Checkers, Hot Dogs, Hot Pretzels, Pizza, & More!
  • 2 hours of service
On Long Island
50 - 100 people $1,800
100 - 150 people $2,100
150 - 200 people $2,500
200 - 250 people $2,900
250 - 300 people $3,500
300 - 350 people $4,000
350 - 400 people $4,500
400 - 450 people $5,000
450 - 500 people $5,500
500 -plus people $6,000
Off Long Island
Queens, NYC, NJ, or CT $500 Addl
After-Party Snack Truck

Snack Truck - Option 2 Menu

Everything from Option 1, PLUS …

Hot Fast Food - Pick Only 3

• Hamburgers
• Cheeseburgers
• 4 pc. Chicken McNuggets

Burger King
• Hamburgers
• Cheeseburgers
• Crispy Chicken Jr.
• 4 pc. Chicken Nuggets
Taco Bell
• Soft Beef & Chicken Tacos
• Beefy Frito Burrito
• Cheese Roll-ups
• Cheesy Bean and Rice Burrito
White Castle
• Hamburgers
• Cheeseburgers
• Jr. Cheeseburgers
• Crispy Chicken Sandwiches
• 4 pc. Chicken Nuggets
• Hamburgers
• Cheeseburgers
• Hot dogs
Domino's Pizza
• Regular
• Pepperoni
Pizzeria Pizza
• Regular
• Pepperoni
Other Options
• Empenadas
• Hot Pretzels
• Hot Dogs
$6 Additional charge per item for any specialty hot food item not listed above.
We cannot accommodate Taco Bell Supremes or any open hot food items such as French fries, onion rings, etc.

All American Burger Package

Additional $300 - $500 (based on guest count)
Package Includes Cheese Burgers, Knishes, & Hot Dogs only
Can only add on if your venue is 7 miles or less from Massapequa.

Breakfast Package

Additional $400 - $800 (based on guest count)
Package Includes assorted McDonald's Egg McMuffins or Rolls with Bacon, Egg & Cheese.
Also included: Assorted Bagels & Rolls with Butter and Cream Cheese, Muffins, Danish, Donuts, & Fruit Juices.

Chick-Fil-A Package

Additional $400 - $800 (based on guest count)
Package Includes: Regular Chicken Sandwiches, Spicy Chicken Sandwiches, and Nuggets only.

Both packages include our own 9"x12" company bags or add on custom, personalized bags with your name and event date for an extra charge. Or, you can provide your own bags.

We carry all the proper documents such as libilaty insurance, food handler's certification, board of health certification. We are a full time licensed and insured company that is incorporated. We gladly comply with all NYS health regulations and guidelines.

We have three full-size extended trucks - not rented from a dirty truck yard! Come see our truck on display at our monthly bridal shows.

End-of-the-Party Snack Truck
Custom Bags Available Custom Bags Available at Addl Charge
End-of-the-Party Snack Truck
End-of-the-Party Snack Truck
End-of-the-Party Snack Truck
End-of-the-Party Snack Truck
End-of-the-Party Snack Truck
End-of-the-Party Snack Truck

Please Note
There may be times that some items may not be available at the time of your celebration. We will do our best to accommodate you with every item you have chosen. But if unable to do so, we will substitute it with another product or give you extra of other items that you have chosen.

Want to add something to your package? Ask us and we will let you know if we can add it on!

Important Items To Know About Our Snack Truck

Our snack truck will arrive at contracted times as set on this contract and stay till all your guests leave. Client will be able to take photos with truck as well. After Hours sets up red ropes for guests to stand behind as our staff will gladly put the items they pick in bags to take home. Food and snacks from truck are for your guests only not for other events going on at same venue. Client may use bracelets or tickets for their guests to show our truck staff if at a multi-party venue. Client may tell their band or DJ to announce the truck after the last song for guests to stop at on their way out to their cars.

Truck is stocked with enough food, candy, drinks and snacks for the contracted guest head count only. Once food, candy, etc. Is gone or finished, truck can leave event. Truck will also leave after client and all guests are gone first. Any hot or fast food that is left over, client can take or we can give to venue staff to eat or take home. We do not allow guests to bring food, candy drinks etc back into venue, or come out many times to take items off truck to bring back into venue. The truck is set up for guests to take items as they leave for good as a party favor. Some venues may not allow outside food to be brought in and we do not want people leaving your dance floor to run out to see truck, as they will all see it when they leave at the end. Please let us know, no less than 2 weeks before event, if you have permission from your venue and/or hotel if guests are allowed to bring food back into your event. This will make your event run more smoothly.

If contracting our truck for an after party at a hotel, house or catering venue, truck is booked as a two hour package and guests are allowed to take items from truck and go back and forth Into hotel or bar during the after party with our truck items If hotel or venue allows.

Client will check off Items they want from our food menu and must submit to our office 1 month prior to event date.

Guests are allowed to pick a few or many items from truck per person as they leave, but keep In mind we like for all the guests to get something and want guests that come out late to still have a choice of the candy and food.

Please check with your venue to make sure they allow the truck and that we need to be parked in the valet or near so that guests see the truck. Be sure to tell venue we have the insurance certification and board of health certification to show if needed.

Our Snack Truck comes with our own 9 x 12 bags with our name on it. If you wish to purchase custom 9 x 12 bags with your name and event date, please let us know ASAP. We can order them for an additional fee or client may use their own 9 x 12 bags and drop off at our office 1 MONTH BEFORE THE EVENT.

"I just wanted to say, THANK YOU … I think the treat truck was the highlight of the wedding. Three days later and I am still receiving phone calls regarding the truck. I enjoyed watching the reaction of my guests as they were leaving the reception only to be greeted by the truck. The two men who were working the truck were so courteous to everyone. The truck was stocked with all the requested items and much more. It was truly an amazing way to end the reception!"
Joyce Pannorfi